Mark LeBusque


 I believe that whilst every human is unique, every team is unique and every organisation is unique, we have an overarching commonality at each of these levels. We are human first and crave psychological safety through deep connection and a strong sense of belonging. Once we feel this the magic of creating high performance and amazing business results can occur.  

It is critical that my services are tailored to meet these needs at a human level and that is why everything I offer through the leadership, team effectiveness, coaching and speaking offers cover three main core components:

  • Leading SELF 
  • Leading TEAM 

In order to lead and manage teams and organisations we must first learn to lead and manage self. I believe this is the starting point that many miss in favour of doing the easier work or practising what I call the skilful art of work avoidance.

My services work on a philosophy based on the 3 E’s:

  • Educate – introducing humans to a new way of working starting with being human
  • Experiment – creating safe experiments to test the learning in real life/real time situations
  • Embed – adapting the learning and experiments to become the new way of working

How I can help your team