Mark LeBusque

the little book of Human


Why is it we are so caught up in allocating human beings with titles, labels and outdated measurements? Why have we subjected humans to the performance review process from birth when it is a soul-destroying activity that sucks the motivation out of the very humans who you are looking to inspire?

Is it to keep them from being human?

The very interactive Little Book of Human challenges the current way of treating humans as numbers and titles since a very early age, and provides real examples of humans beings who have had the courage to treat humans like humans in the workplace, and the amazing impact this has had on the individuals, teams and organisations they worked in. It gives you a chance to stop and reflect on your own style, and how you can humanise it to be successful in today’s more human workplace.

Join Frankie and Otto, the robots that rewired themselves from his first book Being Human, as they join Mark on a wonderful journey of self-discovery and share theirs and others’ Tales, Tools and Told You So’s in order to bring more humanity into the world of work and the world in general. Go on – take a look in the mirror and you will learn a thing or two about how to change your approach to human management. It starts with allowing humans to be human.

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