Mark LeBusque

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I am Mark LeBusque

I’m different………and the world of work needs different right now.
I’m real and raw and choose to go first in order to create a level of trust that helps other humans to step into their vulnerability.
The key to this is being yourself.

Put simply…….it’s HUMAN.

There are no gimmicks, death by PowerPoint or catching each other falling backward.

Are your managers caught in the technical work and missing the human element?
Does your team hold back on real conversations?
Is your team surviving when it could be thriving?
Are they human doings and not human beings?

If you’re looking for a different way to drive personal, team and organisational success then we must arrange a chat.

Connected Humans
Transformed Teams
Purposeful Provocations
Rinse & Repeat Consultancy

My Books

Best way to get to know me is via my booksBeing Human and the little book of Human.


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Mark shares tips & thoughts on being a better human manager.