Mark LeBusque

Leadership Programs

Have you ever heard someone say: “If only I didn’t have to manage people things would be much easier”.

I hear this all the time and it doesn’t have to be this way so I experimented myself and built “THE HUMAN MANAGER EXPERIENCE”.

The Human Manager Experience

This Failsafe 7 Step program to becoming a Human Manager will transform your leadership effectiveness and make you the envy of your peers.

What is it?

A 2 Day highly interactive experience where we focus on building your humans skills to make you a better leader. I get you to look into the mirror and push you out of your comfort zone to unwire all the management practices you’ve learned as a technical leader and center you to put human first in everything you do.

Who is it for?

Humans at all stages of their careers – hi-potentials identified to be promoted to people leadership roles, current managers who have room for improvement in the human skills of self-awareness, empathy, showing vulnerability and long-term managers who are fixed in a technical mindset and stagnating in their careers as a result of this.

What does it cost?

$1975 + GST per participant.  In-house workshops available upon request.

Human Manager Experience 2021 schedule for The Human Manager Experience 2-day workshop.
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Tuesday 23 March | Wednesday 24 March Melbourne 2021

Tuesday 20 July | Wednesday 21 July Melbourne 2021

Monday 9 August | Tuesday 10 August Perth 2021

Monday 24 August | Tuesday 25 Brisbane August 2021

Tuesday 12 October | Wednesday 13 October Melbourne 2021

Tuesday 19 October | Wednesday 20 October Sydney 2021


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