Mark LeBusque

Team Effectiveness

I love working with companies who have tried all of the gimmicky and feel good leadership retreats and off-sites without any return on their investment. You know the story – drinking the cool-aid, catching each other falling backward and creating a new set of values to have it all forgotten a few days later. What they need is to be “LeBusqued” – look into their mirror and understand their part in the mess. If you’re a little more than curious, then I bet that “purposeful provocation” is just what you need. It transforms individuals, teams and organisations from surviving to thriving.  

Provoking With Purpose™

What is it?

A tailored series of interventions that move individuals, teams and organisations from surviving to thriving, good to great or dysfunctional to united. It starts with leading self, then leading team and ultimately leading within the organisation. A creatively designed and structured intervention where the real issues are surfaced so that the business can achieve its full potential.

Who is it for?

Teams who are performing below their potential and need to be challenged in a purposeful way. Teams that have made little or no inroads in the in-house team effectiveness pulse checks.

What does it cost?

Price on application – dependant upon the agreed timeframes to achieve desired results. Allow for a minimum of 12 months in order to drive real and sustainable human change

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