Mark LeBusque

Kylie Tarleton and Daniel Jack – 60,000 Years of Inclusiveness and Diversity


Kylie Tarleton is a proud Wiradjuri woman and Daniel Jack is a proud Gomeroi man who share their experiences of growing up Aboriginal and how this has shaped them to be the humans they are and the work they do today. They share the highs and lows from the strong connection to the land and cultural support of mob to choosing when and when not to wear their ‘Aboriginal backpack’ and being told they need to be ‘more Aboriginal’. This is an episode full of education, awareness and why creating inclusion at times can result in exclusion. Both have identified roles at TAFE NSW and love to connect and share their stories and how to truly embrace the 60,000+ years of the Aboriginal way of embracing connection, culture, and inclusion through lateral leadership.

Kylie Tarleton:

Daniel Jack:

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