Mark LeBusque

How to cope when demotivation strikes

demotivated woman

Motivation is at a record low and now many of us are either back in lockdown or looking over our shoulders at what’s coming next.
Were you already feeling as though you were just getting through one day at a time?
Waking early, rushed or no breakfast, followed by a commute, back-to-back meetings, another commute, scoffed dinner, laptop time and off to bed after midnight.
Each day was groundhog day, with the levels of motivation at a record low. And then COVID-19 turned up.
One thing we’ve come to understand about COVID-19 is that it doesn’t discriminate. Every human is fair game regardless of their circumstances.
Many have reached a whole new level of demotivation and are feeling as though they can’t be bothered.
Motivation is at a record low and now many of us are either back in lockdown or looking over our shoulders at what’s coming next. The common response right now might be: “What’s the point?”
So, how can you pull your head out from under the doona, and move from #COVID to #GROWVID? What hope is there in a time when many of us are trading in the commodity of hopelessness?

Get some perspective

Take a step back, reflect and gain some perspective to climb above the noise.
Focus on what is most important, moderately important and least important right now. Draw up the three columns and spend some time filling them out.
Be aware of “perspective killers”, or those least important things that leap in front of what’s really important.
Is the dirty dish left in the sink by one of your children really more important than your health?
Where does a career shift rate for you right now? Are you financially stable enough to just up and quit?

Don’t make hasty decisions

Don’t go rogue and make a spontaneous life-changing decision.
Be wary of what I call “moments of madness” and if you’ve written that email telling your boss you quit, let it sit in your draft folder for a few more days.
It’s OK to have some ideas about a career change, but remember to look back on what’s important for you right now before you leap into the sudden passion you have for a dog walking business. It’s got to pay the bills.

Don’t throw a pity part

Right now it might be easy to create your own event of self-pity and bury yourself further under the doona.
Beware there are also many other humans who are keen to recruit you into a party of their own. The “can’t be bothered” types tend to find bedfellows quickly.
If you’re feeling demotivated then this will further drain any motivation out of you.
I work to the rule of five in, five out each year: find five energisers and remove five drainers.
It is a challenging time for everyone amid the uncertainty of COVID-19 and figuring out what’s next.
Layer that with some pre-COVID feelings of despair and it’s a recipe for demotivation, rash decisions and career disaster.
Reflecting on what’s important right now, avoiding making short-term, life-changing career decisions and making better choices about who to surround yourself with will help.

Photo by Polina Zimmerman from Pexels