Mark LeBusque

What’s Really Important – Your Perspective Line?

At times we get caught up with ‘perspective KILLERS’ – things that aren’t really important but in a moment in time take over everything else. A dish left on the bench, a child’s toy not put away, shoes in the front entry or even 

When was the last time you chose to stand back and really reflect on what is important to you? How would your ‘perspective line’ look in order of importance? 

  • Most important to me right now?
  • Moderately important to me right now? 
  • Least important to me right now? 

It’s also worth reflecting on what events have occurred in the past for you that have tested your resilience to it’s breaking point. 

I have provided an editable perspective line/resilience activity to undertake and provided my latest one as an example of how I approached it. 

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