Mark LeBusque

We Must First Humanovate to Innovate

How are you Being?

This was a simple question I asked a group of senior managers at a recent offsite Keynote – and there were some pretty interesting looks coming back my way.

After all it’s not a question that most of us would get asked when in this type of environment as we are used to putting the word Doing before Being given the hectic pace at which us Humans “do” things these days.

It was a session where the main theme of the day was innovation and looking at how innovation would help improve the customer experience and ultimately the business outcomes. Innovation is one of those “hot words” right now and everyone seems to have an innovation lab or be recruiting innovation consultants. Even our PM spruiks the virtues of the “I” word although I’m not sure that we have become the “Innovation Nation” that he longs for.

So – what is at play here?

I was simply making a point that in order to do great innovative work we must first seek to understand how this can be directly impacted by how we choose to “turn up” or “be” at any particular point in time; and how this can influence the efforts of those who we have the privilege to manage on a day-to-day basis.

There is a need for us Humans to alter our current state if you like:

To Humanovate………

Now I’m not even sure that this is a word however I’m going with it for now.

Having googled up Humanovate I got nothing so I changed this to Innovation and was bombarded with a whole range of definitions even under the first search.

Here’s what I got:

For the sake of the session I went for simplicity and chose:


They then undertook a simple exercise that was based on the idea that to succeed at innovative practices we must first Humanovate – that is create our own Human Shift of Emphasis from DOING to BEING

I even shared my “To Be” and “To Do” Lists for this particular session

Authentic – Humans have great Bullshit Detectors and will scan for the scammer

Present – It’s their time and I must respect that by being “in the room” when I’m in the room.

Provocative – The best outcomes arise from different perspectives and not from “head nodding” so throwing a bit of purposeful provocation couldn’t hurt.

These are choices I must make for myself and make sure I am “being” that way whilst in the room. There’s no room for flip-flopping in front of 150 BS Detectors.

These are also important however they take less effort and are more of a logistical or robotic nature – the choice is made for me if you like once I accept the assignment.

Each of the participants created both a “TO DO” and a “TO BE” list and captured a clear WHY statement and there were some amazing shares on the concept of BEING IMPROVES DOING.

In essence they were asked to Shift Their Emphasis and for the point in time put Being Before Doing.

Do you Humanovate before you Innovate?

Perhaps a Shift of Emphasis from Doing to Being would be useful

Give It A Try…………………….What’s On Your “To Be” List?

Mark LeBusque is the Human Manager. He has a track record in helping clients add more Human to their businesses and drive up Employee Engagement, Customer Experience and Business Results; and his 7 Step approach is based on his own experimentation as a Manager.

Mark’s first book BEING HUMAN – Why Robots are not the Answer to Business Success was launched in February 2017. For Orders click below