Mark LeBusque

Trust Me……CEO’s Have Some Work To Do

I read with interest an article called “Lack of Trust Never Sleeps” yesterday in The Melbourne Age newspaper by Michael Koziol that provided some damning statistics on the level of trust held for CEO’s in Australia and Globally for that matter.

From the 2017 Trust Barometer just released by the World’s Largest PR Outfit Edelman showed that only 26% of those Australian employees surveyed rated CEO’s as credible or very credible. This was down from 39% the previous year.

Globally the results were not much better with a fall of 12 percent to 37% across the 28 countries surveyed.

So what’s driving this increase in the trust deficit across the Globe between CEO’s and Employees?

Andrew Hill from the Financial Times (Jan 16th 2017) provided his take on the issue:

Chief executives, though, remain princes and princesses in their own corporate citadels. Their authority may be the subject of canteen criticism, staff gossip or shop floor mockery, but they are not subject to electoral challenge. The danger is that they use that power to grandstand. Instead, they should divert their efforts to the hard, often under-recognised work of converting their employees into their biggest fans. 

So what if CEO’s were subject to some kind of electoral challenge or were voted in or out by their employees? Would they remain the princes and princesses or would they be cast aside and what is the one thing they can do to convert employees into their biggest fans?

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