Mark LeBusque

They’re Humans Not Numbers


Just last week I overheard two Managers on a tram in Melbourne having what I consider a “less than human” conversation.

It went like this………

“I’m going to struggle to get John a 4 rating this time” one of them said almost desperately.

“How can I help?”

“When his name comes up can you please jump in and talk him up in the meeting, he’s a really good bloke and deserves a 4.”

“No problem; what do you want me to say”?

“Just say he’s a 4 and agree with what I’m saying about him; it will help me in that bloody meeting”. “I don’t want to have him crack it again because he didn’t get what he deserved…….it took me so long last time to get him back on track.”

The 6 monthly trade in human flesh was on again. You know that time of the year where Managers are forced to treat their employees like a number by squeezing them into a “curve”.

It’s hardly the Human thing to do.

Trading in Human flesh and applying the “good bloke clause” and the “you scratch my back an I’ll scratch yours” principle.

Bickering with each other and the HR Team because the “curves not right” and then throwing one or two under the metaphorical bus based upon them just coming on board and therefore a “developing 2” will be sufficient.

Or the Manager who has had every team member hit every KPI as well as their values based goals has to make a call and sacrifice one because “every manager must have high and low performers”

Stop it and see how your Robots return to a Human form………what are you afraid of?

Mark LeBusque is the Human Manager. He has a track record in helping clients add more Human to their businesses and drive up Employee Engagement, Customer Experience and Business Results; and his 7 Step approach is based on his own experimentation as a Manager.

Mark’s first book BEING HUMAN – Why Robots are not the Answer to Business Success will be launched in February 2017. For Orders click below