Mark LeBusque

It’s Their Time Not Yours

“Having a one-on-one that was rescheduled about four or five times for the manager to sit there and as I was talking, you could hear him doing e-mails, and you just get the yup-yup-yup as you’re talking and not getting any engagement back. – Michael. 

Damn those dreaded 1:1 catch ups with your employees.

You know the ones that get in the way of your real work as a Manager doing the technical stuff that has served you so well.

The one’s that you frequently cancel and reschedule.

Ever tried to act like you were interested and present and hoped that you could “fake it till you make it?”

Well you know it’s not your time – it’s their time

Put your phone away, stop typing, listen to learn, lose the tablet and focus on the human on the phone or across the table from you.

It’s the Human thing to do.

Mark LeBusque has mastered the art of Purposeful Provocation He has a unique gift in making pointed and incisive interventions into human interactions where the truth has gone missing. He is fearless and goes where others talk of going in order to help individuals and organisations make real progress. He brings the Elephants front and centre into the Room.

Mark’s first book BEING HUMAN – Why Robots are not the Answer to Business Success will be launched in February 2017.