Mark LeBusque

Is Your House Burning Down?

If you purchased a 100-year old house that had never been rewired there is a very good prospect that eventually it would burn to the ground. Anyone buying an old house would be foolish not to make the “rewiring” their Number 1 Priority to ensure they got value and a return on their investment.

Old/Inadequate Wiring is one of the 10 most common causes of fire – you may note some similarities with the old style organisational management

This type of fire is often associated with older properties. Wiring deteriorates eventually over time affecting the integrity of many older materials. Substandard workmanship also accounts for many household fires.

Why is it then that we keep operating a 100-Year Old Management System that desperately needs rewiring from a Robotic to a more Human approach and expect that it won’t burn down? why do we continue to look the other way when we observe substandard workmanship and deteriorating wiring even though we are aware of the dangers of doing so.

It’s time to challenge the notion that technical competence and a Robotic approach to Human Management has a place in a more Humanistic world. You see the house has caught fire and those who have been rewarded by the old system are continuing to “fuel the fire” by:

promoting technical experts and watching many of them fail miserably at managing another human being.

using short-term tactical actions such as layoffs and “doing more with less” to prop up the profits at the expense of the humans.

striking fear into humans by stifling experimentation, any form of challenge to authority and making threats about job security through continual restructures.

confusing titles and organisational hierarchy with leadership and stifling those closest to the customers to undertake leadership acts that will benefit them and the organisation.

employing other robots “just like them”

doing the work of their team members, holding them back from career progression and creating frustration and eventually employee attrition.

espousing that “people matter” and are “our greatest asset” but act in a totally different way when it comes to protecting themselves i.e. their bonuses, big offices and position on the org chart.

As the image below illustrates I’m proposes a simple 7 Step Process to “Rewire Managers” from Robots to Humans. It starts with laying a foundation of Trust and then is built on fundamentally rewiring from the old system to a more human one.

It challenges the Managers to look “hard into their mirror” to understand that they must rewire in order to create differentiation in a world where humans are now “commoditised robots” and investment in their development needs to be repositioned to look inward rather than outward.

It’s not some wild theory or new management model – it’s the experiment I undertook when managing a team that resulted in significant improvements in employee engagement and business results. You see I was sick and tired of inhaling the smoke that was being created from the old way of managing and wanted to see if new-wiring practices would eliminate this and restore the house to a safer environment.

The house stopped burning and the humans felt safe to be humans.

Can you smell smoke or have the flames already taken hold for you? Do you continue to fuel the fire or are you looking for ways to reduce the risk of the old wiring?

I hope it’s not too late.

Mark LeBusque is the Human Manager. He has a track record in helping clients add more Human to their businesses and drive up Employee Engagement, Customer Experience and Business Results; and his 7 Step approach is based on his own experimentation as a Manager.

Mark’s first book BEING HUMAN – Why Robots are not the Answer to Business Success was launched in February 2017. For Orders click below