Mark LeBusque

Drop The “S” Word – Start Getting Real

Ever sat in a meeting and counted the amount of times when someone starts a sentence by apologising for what they are about to say?

“I’m sorry to say this………………………..

“Apologies in advance for what I’m about to say………………….

Go on think about it. Perhaps it was even you that dropped in the “S” Word or an unnecessary Apology.

You may also notice that those who are saying sorry in these circumstances are not usually sitting at the pointy end of the Org Chart.

So WHY do so many humans start with the “S” Word when they are getting real?

Is it fear of the repercussions?

Is it wanting to “fit in”?

Is it a lack of confidence and a concern about looking stupid in front of your peers?

It’s a way to deflect any personal heat when someone says what needs to be said? You know that time where you can feel the heat rising in the room? A bit like someone has turned up the thermostat when things are starting to get real. When a breakthrough moment was about to be realised.

It’s time to say what needs to be said and not what you think others want to hear. Be brave enough to say how you feel about an issue or topic that has not been raised and is sitting in a room in the form of a huge elephant.

How about we ban the use of the word “sorry” in these circumstances, or simply have the courage to be curious enough to as someone who starts a sentence with the “S” word or an apology this question:

Why are you sorry?

Give it a go and see what happens.

Mark Lebusque has mastered the art of Purposeful Provocation He has a unique gift in making pointed and incisive interventions into human interactions where the truth has gone missing. He is fearless and goes where others talk of going in order to help individuals and organisations make real progress. He brings the Elephants front and centre into the Room.

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